Mosque, Complex and Quran Course Constructions By blending Seljuk architecture and today's technology, we offer worship and living spaces to the service of humanity around the world by operating in everything from mosque design process to manufacturing. Housing, Trade and Health Structures By combining architectural aesthetics from the past with today's technology, it transforms cities into living spaces with housing, trade and health facilities and urban transformation projects. Educational Facilities and Dormitory Buildings We are active in the projecting and manufacturing process of state-of-the-art, educational and dormitory buildings in order to provide education in the best conditions for the next generation. Gintaş Tourism and Travel Agency KOMAŞ, which expands its business areas with its initiatives in the tourism sector, provides Hajj umrah organizations, cultural and congress tourism and agency services too many institutions, organizations and individuals including Gintaş Tourism and Travel Agency and Directorate of Religious Affairs. Gintaş Health Tourism Gintaş continues to strengthen Turkey's power in health tourism with its quality services in the field of transportation, accommodation and treatment in health tourism. Wood Arts Kazan Wood Arts and Mosque Decoration Factory interprets wood with art and makes our houses of worship look artistic with its production of mosque decoration and furniture. Hotel & Hospital Furniture Our Kazan Wood Arts factory produces comfort for all areas of life with the production of hotel and hospital furniture, office furniture and home furniture. Uluborlu Cold Storage Uluborlu Logistics Facilities in Isparta, built on an area of 30 thousand m2, serve regional producers with a storage capacity of 7000 tons and 20 cold storage in a closed area of 5000 m2. Uluborlu, which also produces plastic crates in its facilities, is one of the leading organizations in its region with its rich vehicle fleet, plant capacity and service understanding. Uluborlu Plastic Case Production Using advanced technology in our facilities, we produce plastic cases.
Apple, cherry, quince case, export safe and irreversible crates are produced.
Cafeteria Our cafeteria located in the Campus of the Directorate of Religious Affairs, It operates as a Restaurant, Café and Market.
Gintaş Insurance Gintaş Insurance protects what we have with its insurance services and guarantees our tomorrows. We are working We work for Turkey to build happiness and peace, to carry our traditions into the future, to use the power we receive from our country in the service of our nation.



KOMAŞ Kocatepe Modern Merchandising Enterprises Industry and Trade Inc. is a Turkish Religious Foundation organization and 99.45% of its capital belongs to the Turkish Religious Foundation.

Since 25.05.1983, different sectors such as education, trade, food, merchandising, wood joinery and decoration, health, scalpels and marketing have been added to the activities started in the construction sector in line with the needs formed over time.






Kosova Priştine Cami Şantiyemize Ziyaret

Diyanet İşleri Başkanlığı Başkan Yardımcısı Sn. Burhan İşliyen, Kosova Priştine Din İşleri Müşaviri Sn. Bünyamin Albayrak ve beraberindeki heyet Kosova…



Working according to Goals

To work with the goal of achieving our vision by sticking to our mission.

Being Customer Oriented

To find the right people who meet the needs of our customers and to produce the most suitable solutions.

Time and Quality Control

To terminate the work under our responsibility on time and without errors without compromising quality in all circumstances


To ensure and improve the quality and continuity of our services

Compliance with the Law

To comply with the laws and regulations.

Development Tracking

To ensure the follow-up of every sectoral innovation and the developments of implementation